Black Dog on a Lead — A charity that encourages people to talk openly about mental illness. A new Chairman meant a new age; an age of new people, increased structure & most importantly, a rebrand to bring a fresh breath of air.

Previous work has all been created internally by the founders' family.
To respect the work ethic & love poured into this cause, the rebrand focused on introducing a structural foundation upon which the brand can grow in the future.

Mental health requires open-minded attention & love, instead of radical changes and scrapping the past as if it never occurred.
This rebrand kept this important factor at the upmost importance, and traces of the past can be seen in the current brand.


Recognising the positive vision of Black Dog on a Lead, joining as a member/designer allowed me to get close to the brand, their founder & long-standing members; an important step that allowed me to realise the need of the charity.
A complete rebrand was not the solution.

A structural foundation meaning a brand-colour-guide with the central shade of blue being the original BDOAL colour was the beginning of the rebrand. A new staggered gradient bar, the new accent colour of yellow, a new slogan found throughout many meetings — Talk Openly, meant that the charity's history was respectfully included to play a part in its future events & materials.

The new logo-lockups can be utilised from anywhere such as a pen, pins, hats & shirts, social media elements, 4m wide banners, flyers, vehicle decals & general merchandise.

The brand has elements that can transform a whole event-space to be on-brand, or give a person the elements to proudly present their open-minded view on the necessity to talk openly about mental health.